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Go Compare or Go Away?

Posted by Monica Tailor, 28 June 2012

There's a rather clever Go Compare campaign going on at the moment. I noticed it about half way through the day, I'd seen a photo on Instagram from my friend Dean who spotted a Go Compare billboard which had been defaced to read 'Go Away'. Then later that day I saw another on a tweet. Then I noticed a graffitied poster whilst driving around Leeds which seemed to too much of coincidence. One graffitied poster is plausible, maybe even two, but not three?

A quick twitter search reveals revealed more people tweeting about graffitied posters but also comment from people saying it's all a "PR stunt".

I like it, it's bold and clever and shows that Go Compare are willing to have a laugh at themselves and enough in tune with the mood of the nation to know that some folks find their campaign pretty annoying. It takes some bottle to confront that fact and turn it into an potential positive. 

What I'm curious to see is whether this is hailed as a successful campaign. The truth is is that it is an integrated campaign feeding plenty of social media noise on Twitter and Instagram which I would hope is a measure of success and I should think this is exactly what Go Compare were hoping for. 

I also hope it helps to debunk the myth that social media is free or 'cheap'. It's true that many of the tools are free but to conceive and develop an idea capable of 'going viral' requires a significant investment in time and/or money AND it always needs the foundation of a great idea. In the Go Compare case they've invested in a great idea and the cost of nationwide billboard advertising.

So which slogans have you seen? The 'Go Jump off a Cliff' one seems popular, have you seen a poster. If so, let me know. Check out this tweet:


Thinking about Blogging?

Posted by Monica Tailor, 6 February 2012

Coming up in Feb and March I'm running two blogging workshops for Fabric in Bradford. Fabric are the Forum for the Arts in Bradford and help to support artist in all sorts of ways. My sessions are part of an extensive training programme they're currently running as part of their Professional Development services.

So you want to start a blog? on Thursday 29th is for you if you're thinking of starting a blog but aren't sure about the options available and how to get started. It will introduce the different platforms and talk through the pros and cons of each. We'll also be looking at content planning and you'll leave with a must better feel for which platform will be right one for you and how to get started. Find out more on the Fabric Bradford website.

Hands on blogging a week later is a great follow up. If you've chosen your platform and are ready to get started. As the name suggests it is a really hands on session where we'll help you sign up, choose the theme and write your first blog post as well as plan some future posts. You'll need to bring your own laptop and have access to your email account. There will be free wifi available on the night. Find out more and get booked on on the Fabric website.

I'm really open to answering specific questions so if you have anything you'd like me to talk about, just get in touch and ask.

Both sessions are just £15 each and concessions are available. Visit the Fabric website for more information.