Microsoft recently launched their new search engine – Initially the word on the street seemed to be that bing is not as good as Google. However, it feels to me that a degree of respect is being now being awarded to bing. It's also the first search engine in a long time that hasn't been completely written off from day one.

Comscore reports that Microsoft gained momentum in the fortnight after launch. Although not conclusive, it is illuminating that interest is building over time rather than simply spiking in the few days following launch.

So how could bing (or any search engine) really impact on the dominance that Google enjoys? Of course the challenge is to provide users with a better search experience (no small task) but apart from that rather obvious challenge what else could disrupt the Google position?

Well, this Revolution Magazine report suggests that the bing interface design may be better for advertisers because users pay more attention to the ads. I can hear you asking... “where is the correlation between happier advertisers and consumers migration?” Well there isn't any. However, it reveals a possible strategy... providing a better search interface, one that is proven to guarantee advertisers better conversion, could cause a migration in advertisers which could cause Google to rethink their user interface design.

Is it likely that Google would pursue a strategy to emulate a competitors product? I don't think so. I think Google would probably relish the challenge of shaking up the market again with their own disruptive ideas!